We invigorate the crowd to help you serve your community better.


We believe good organizations know their communities: they realize collaboration is not only good policy, it is essential; they leverage technology to interact with their people in convenient, meaningful, and fun ways; they regularly collect and react to what they find to inform their path forward; and they establish openness as a pillar to demonstrate respect and appreciation for their people. In doing so, they offer better quality for less cost to happy and loyal communities.

These are not new ideas; they are tenants of good service. What is new are the innovations that allow many more of us to engage in astounding ways from virtually anywhere. We are developing innovative tools like Mapability.ca for you to capitalize on these opportunities.



Accessible Wayfinding

We get your people all the way from the street to the room or area where they need to go. We show them accessible and pleasurable ways considering their preferences before they leave their house and on the go. We tell them what you’d like them to consider on their way and we get them to provide input to help others find theirs. We provide peace of mind when travelling in-doors.


Facility Assessments

We assess your facility to help you be more inclusive and improve the experiences of all your patrons considering best practices in accessibility. We use our interactive platform to collect information on rooms, corridors, washrooms, stairs, elevators, entrances or anything else in your buildings and on your site. You can keep what you want internally and share some externally for wayfinding. You also get feedback from your people to better prioritize investment. We strive to maximize the value of facility audits for you and your people.


Performance Measurement

We are a research and analysis consultancy focused on defining a clear path for improving your performance. Our speciality is crowdsourcing; your people are revealing their opinions all the time. They email, twitter, facebook, click websites and apps, going places and avoiding others, and by just chatting. th all the time. We believe when you get more of this feedback you produce better for less for a more loyal audience. We help you do this while keeping the budget low by capitalizing on technology that makes the process of engaging more convenient, meaningful, and even fun.

If you would like any more information about our services, please don't hesitate to get in touch.


The Team

Jamie is an analyst, researcher and coordinator. His background is in performance measurement of everything from municipalities to special education policy. He started JCN Performance because he believes there is a better way to make this research work. Traditional-style reports don’t get people excited. They don’t get people engaged. They don’t provoke discussion. And do not achieve collaboration. He believes that community involvement is essential for good performance. He is building and capitalizing on innovative digital tools to better engage communities.


Megan is a marketing and business analyst. She is in charge of our social media and events organizing. She has a passion for her community, advocates for an inclusive society, and loves hearing from anyone interested in Mapability and JCN Performance. She can be found on our twitter or facebook accounts on the regular!


Jamie Newman

Chief Executive

Megan Ferris

Marketing Coordinator

Technical and Creative Development Partners